Mother Angry With Store Over Reaction To Daughter's Accident


A mother claims she was humiliated in a Dollar General store after her daughter had a potty-training accident.

Samantha Sargent’s 2-year-old daughter Railyn accompanied her, along with her other daughter, to the store.

“My grandma had given us a thing of brownies, and the girls wanted ice cream,” Sargent said.

Railyn is potty-trained, but on occasion she does have an accident. Her first public accident occurred during their shopping trip.

Sargent took immediate action.

“She had an accident, and I went to buy her some new underwear and basically changed her, cleaned her up, like I think any mom would,” Sargent said to WDAF.

Sargent then went to check out, with Railyn wearing the clean underwear and a t-shirt, reports The Blaze.

The woman running the cash register allegedly made discourteous remarks to Sargent about Railyn’s state-of-dress.

“The lady just started ringing us up, she didn’t really say anything to us until we were almost finished. That’s when she got to the open package of underwear,” Sargent said. “That’s when she said that she wasn’t properly dressed for a public place and was completely rude and disrespectful, and she humiliated us.”

Sargent took to Facebook to voice her anger at the situation. She wrote:

I am HEATED right now!! I took the girls up to the new Dollar General in Holt tonight to get some snacks. When we were wrapping up Railyn had her first public accident. I took her to the restroom & put on a new pair of panties I bought her there. We proceeded to the check out with our little cart & the lady that was ringing us up had maybe 5 more items before she was done. As she started scanning the open package of underwear she looks down at Rai & asked me if she was wearing shorts (that were clearly sitting in the cart). I explained that she had an accident so I changed her, she then told me she needed to leave the store because she wasn't properly dressed in a public place. I explained to her that I wasn't going to put a wet pair of shorts back on my 2 year old child & we would leave as soon as she gave me my total....except I may not have said it that nicely. She was SO RUDE that I'm thankful my kids were with me because I was about to come undone!! Am I completely out of line here!?!?? All I know is that they WON'T be getting my business again!!

Sargent also complained to the Dollar General store manager but did not receive an apology.

Instead, the manager posted her own message to Facebook:

OK so people give me your thoughts. Who thinks its OK to have your young daughter in a public place with underwear and a t shirt. Mind you the t shirt didn’t cover the underwear at all it barely covered her stomach.

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The manager’s Facebook post bothered Sargeant, especially because it involved her daughter.

“The biggest part of it was I’m a mom, and that’s my baby, and you don’t talk about my child,” Sargent said. “That’s a feeling that only a mother can understand.”

Dollar General’s corporate office has apologized for the incident and promises to have the employees undergo additional training. A representative for the store wrote:

Dollar General strives to provide customers a respectful, welcoming and pleasant shopping experience with friendly customer service. The recent incident at our store in Holt is not reflective of our mission of Serving Others and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this unfortunate situation may have caused. We are providing additional training to our store associates in Holt to reinforce our company policies regarding customer service and look forward to the opportunity to serve this customer again soon.

As for Sargent, she says she will never return to the Dollar General store again.


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