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Mom Claims Motorist Pulled Gun on Her in Walmart Parking Lot, No Arrests (Video)

Shakia Bush (and her four children) was waiting to park her car in a handicapped parking place outside a Walmart in Aurora, Colo. when a man in another car started honking at her.

The man apparently felt Bush was waiting too long in the traffic lane (video below).

Bush got out of her car to tell him to drive around because she had a handicapped child in her car and needed the handicapped parking space. She claims that he yelled obscenities and pulled out a gun.

“He showed it to me in the air, then held it to his chest and said, ‘B----, I have a gun. I will shoot your a--,’” Bush told 7 News. “My 10-year old son was saying ‘Mommy, he’s going to shoot you. I don’t want him to shoot you.’”

Bush yelled to bystanders that a man was “pulling a gun on a woman," wrote down his license number and called 911.

Police later identified the man as Justin West, who claimed he thought “people were going to jump out and attack him." He recalled telling Bush, “I have a gun and will defend myself.”

West told police that “he never pointed the gun at anyone and never threatened to shoot anyone.”

“What was he defending himself from?” Bush stated. “A mom and four kids? He was angry over a traffic incident. He hopped out of his car first and started yelling and screaming at me. I think he felt a woman was talking back to him, so he needs to prove a point."

Police say that West could not be charged because the Walmart parking lot surveillance video did not show him with a gun.

In more bizarre motorist news, Joel Salmeron-Ciprian is accused of biting off his father’s eyebrow during a fight-filled drive home following a family wedding.

According to theSeattle Post Intelligencer, King County prosecutors are charging Salmeron-Ciprian with second-degree assault.

Court papers say that Salmeron-Ciprian’s father was driving him and other relatives home on Dec. 1 when the incident occurred.

Witnesses claimed that Salmeron-Ciprian was drunk and shouting at his dad during the ride home. After the dad stopped the vehicle, after which a fight began after the men got out of the truck.

King County deputy sheriffs found Salmeron-Ciprian held on the ground by his father, who was bleeding and missing his right eyebrow.

Salmeron-Ciprian is jailed on an $100,000 bail.

Sources: Seattle Post Intelligencer and 7 News


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