Mom Claims EMS Workers Inspected House Because Child is Homeschooled

Krista Bordelon recently called 911 after her asthmatic son began complaining of chest pains and started turning red in their Baton Rouge, La. home.

Bordelon recalled on her Facebook page that when the EMS personnel showed up in their ambulance: “They were super rude when they got there immediately telling me he was fine.”

The Louisiana mom also claims that EMS workers told her that "if it’s asthma he won’t be complaining about 'abdominal pain.'"

However, Bordelon says her son was pointing at his chest, not abdomen.

Bordelon claims that a EMS supervisor asked why her son was not at school and she replied that he was homeschooled. The supervisor allegedly began inspecting the house, noted DCClothesline.com.

“I was told by their supervisor that they are now agents of the state,” wrote Bordelon. “That is probably where it all stemmed from (apart from their rudeness and bad interactions with me and my son – who is autistic.) But a report was definitely filed.”

Bordelon is worried about filing a complaint, but added: “I HATE having to feel scared for making a good choice."

Sources: DCClothesline.com and Facebook


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