Mom Charged After Taping Child To Wall (Video)


Shayla Rudolph was charged with abduction in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, on Jan. 19 after live streaming herself on Facebook taping her 2-year-old son to a wall on Jan. 1 (video below).

Police said the toddler's mouth was taped shut, and he was secured to the wall with packing tape for close to 15 minutes, notes

The 18-year-old mom told viewers in the video how to get their house cleaning done with her son taped: "You can't clean without them running around and tearing up, tape them to the wall. You can't cook or none of that because they're running around, tape them to the wall ... All you all need is some tape."

When the child cries, Rudolph tells him: "You’ve got the best mommy in the whole wide world ... Don’t make me put more tape up there. Now sit still. You can see the TV from right there. You'll be alright."

Before Rudolph was arrested, WSYX/WTTE tried to interview her from the street, but she told them from a window in her home: "You all go have a good day."

Children's Services, which eventually took custody of the boy, said they contacted Rudolph on Jan. 5 about the video.

A few days later, Rudolph posted another video: "They called Children's Services on me, so [expletive] he in the corner, whatcha going to do? [expletive] Call Children's Services! [expletive] You can have his ass! I don't give a [expletive]."

Rudolph also said that she could hang her son upside down if she chose to because he was her child, notes WSYX/WTTE.

The station brought the nearly 20-minute Facebook video to the attention of the Reynoldsburg Police Department on Jan. 18.

WSYX/WTTE reporter Lisa Rantala posted a video of Rudolph's arrest on Twitter on Jan. 19.

Rantala can be heard asking Rudolph: "Why'd you tape your son to the wall? You said you don't know? Do you love your son? Do you feel like you should go to prison?"

The normally chatty mom doesn't answer.

Sources:, WSYX/WTTE, Lisa Rantala/Twitter / Photo credit: Reynoldsburg Division Of Police/Facebook

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