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Infant's Body Found In Mom's Trunk During Traffic Stop

Infant's Body Found In Mom's Trunk During Traffic Stop Promo Image

An Alabama mother was charged with manslaughter after police found her week-old son dead in a shoebox in the trunk of her car.

Jalesa Gaines, 24, was pulled over in Jackson, Alabama, in November 2017 because her tags were expired, reports the Daily Mail. The mother reportedly gave police a fake name during questioning, so the officer carried out a search of her vehicle.

During the search, the officer found and a shoebox in the trunk of the vehicle and when he opened it up, he discovered the baby boy's body wrapped in a blanket. Officers described the baby as a newborn.

Family members and neighbors told police that Gaines had just given birth a week earlier.

No one the police spoke to was able to comment on how the baby died. An autopsy is underway.

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According to WALA, authorities said Gaines "hasn't said a whole lot about what happened to the baby."

When asked if the mother showed any signs of remorse, Jackson Police Chief Jerry Taylor said, "To a degree but not to the degree we'd expect."

Gaines was initially charged with abuse of a corpse, but the charge was later upgraded to manslaughter.

In a press conference, Taylor said investigators were able to obtain additional search warrants after receiving new information. New individuals were identified as possible witnesses. Investigators were working to locate them.

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"We have a baby who never had the chance to speak for themselves so we're having to speak for him," Taylor said. "We take that very seriously."

According to Taylor, the mother told officers she was on the way to Walmart when she was pulled over.

Readers of the Daily Mail shared their thoughts on the shocking story.

"Poor little babe," one reader commented. "Just a week old. It's difficult to believe the mom or somebody close to her wasn't involved in the death for why wouldn't she dial 911 if something went wrong naturally? Why be driving around with the baby dead in a shoebox in the trunk. Just sickening."

"I'll never be able to wrap my head around why anyone, especially a parent, would want to harm a baby or child," another user wrote. "Make someone else's dream come true by putting the baby up for adoption or use a local hospital or fire station as a 'safe haven' drop off point. This woman is just pure evil. RIP, little angel x"

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