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Wendy's Burger Sends Child To Hospital (Video)

A 3-year-old Michigan child was rushed to the hospital after eating a Wendy’s burger with glass inside on June 27 (video below).

The mother, known only as Vanessa, said she had just taken her child for a celebration lunch after seeing the dentist, WXYZ reports.

Yet just as she was starting to eat her lunch, the mother heard a “super loud crunch” before the child began bleeding and howling in pain.

Vanessa quickly tried to help the girl pull out whatever was in her mouth.

"As I was pulling her food out, I was pulling food out and blood out and I saw particles of glass on my fingers,” she said, adding she then quickly called police and rushed the girl to the hospital.

While the girl is now recovering, Vanessa says they are still processing what happened.

"You can't think of your baby and what could happen and the things you don't know could happen... your mind just starts to race," said the mother.

Wendy’s owner, Starboard Group, quickly made a statement to the public, adding that they are taking the situation seriously.

"This is an extremely unfortunate accident and we quickly investigated, it appears a light bulb may have broken during maintenance activity in the restaurant,” the statement to WXYZ said, adding that management will be staying in touch with the child’s family.

However, Vanessa says she is disappointed they contacted her only after the incident got media attention.

"I hope to never go through anything like that again... think celebratory lunch at Wendy's wouldn't be such a nightmare,” she said.

Wendy’s captured media attention earlier the same month for an incident that landed somebody at a hospital, RT reports.

Two customers attacked pregnant 19-year-old Wendy’s employee, Victoria Repine, in Missouri, putting a spotlight on the many unreported dangers fast food workers often face.

“I've been assaulted,” Terrence Wise, who has worked in fast food restaurants for twenty years, said to KCTV, RT reports. “I've had drinks thrown at me, but I've seen co-workers in situations where they've been robbed and harmed by customers that aren't acting right.”

“Demand that Wendy's and all fast food to protect workers,” Wise added. “Give them a living wage and protect them. They can afford it.”

Yet despite these incidents, a Harris Poll ranked Wendy’s as one of the top burger chains in America, beating even McDonald’s in brand perception, reports USA Today.

Sources: WXYZ, RTUSA Today / Photo credit: Nheyob via Wikimedia Commons

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