Mom, Boyfriend Stop Robbery Suspect In Dallas (Video)

A high-speed police chase in Dallas, Texas, took an unexpected turn today when two citizens subdued a robbery suspect who was allegedly driving a stolen car.

The unidentified suspect was fleeing police in a Dodge Challenger when he rear-ended a mini-van and SUV at a stop light (video below).

The mom inside mini-van, Jessica Liesmann, got out of her vehicle and confronted the suspect. He pushed Liesmann back, but Liesmann's boyfriend Charles Cook intervened, noted NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

The suspect tried to get away, but Cook and Liesmann grappled with him until police arrived and placed the man under arrest.

Liesmann told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth that she lost her 4-year-old son in August 2014 and wasn't going to allow anything to happen to her teen son.

Liesmann's son was taken to a hospital with bumps and bruises, but was later released.

Police say a gun was found in the Dodge Challenger, reports the Dallas Morning News.

Dallas Police Major Max Geron later tweeted, "Thankful that the citizens who held the #chase suspect weren't injured by him. Would never advise you do that. #Adrenaline and #Anger."

Sources: NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, Dallas Morning News, Twitter
Image Credit: NBC Dallas-Fort Worth Screenshot


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