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Mom Begs Thief To Return Mementos Of Dead Son

A thief stole a Massachusetts mom’s wallet -- but the mom doesn’t want it back. Her only request is that they return her dead son’s hospital bracelets.

Casey Kilcup of Plymouth, Massachusetts, was devastated when her 4-month-old son, Brison, suddenly stopped breathing in January, according to the Daily Mail.

She and her husband kept all mementos of Brison, including the two mother and son hospital bracelets from the day he was born. Kilcup kept them in her wallet “to remind me of how blessed I am to be the mother of an angel.”

On the night of July 25, the mother of two carried her sleeping daughter into their house and put her to bed.

Around 10 minutes later, she said she returned to her car for her belongings, but her wallet had disappeared.

“I never really thought about who it could've been, because all I want is the bracelets back,” Kilcup said.

The grieving mom told ABC that the day Brison was born was the happiest day of her life.

"He was incredible," she said. "He was just the happiest little soul that you would ever find. We remember when he was 2 weeks old and he was always awake. He always wanted to see what we were up to, what the kids were up to.

"It was like he was born with this old soul and he knew he wasn’t going to be here for very long, so he just enjoyed every second that he was with us."

She put a plea on Facebook for the bracelets’ safe return.

“If you had to steal [the money] then you needed it more than me,” a portion of the Facebook post reads. “I wish you had knocked on my door, because I am honestly the type of person to hand out money to people in need.”

She adds that she does not want the money or credit cards back. She only wants the bracelets that she and Brison wore.

“So please if you see this, know that I will pray for you, I am so sorry for you and the difficult life circumstances you must face," the post continues, "but please bring back my baby boy’s things, no questions asked, I already forgive you.”

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC, Facebook

Photo credit: Casey Kilcup/Instagram


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