Mom Beats Daughter With Belt For Attempting "Sleep Challenge" (Video)


The “Sleep Challenge” is a popular trend online right now, and although it’s been around for a while, young people are starting to film it and put it on YouTube. For one girl, however, her attempt at the challenge landed her in trouble with her mother, and the mother decided to film her punishment for all the world to see.

The sleep challenge, which is also know as the “Pass Out Challenge” involves one bending over and breathing heavily so that they hyperventilate, quickly standing up, and having another person put pressure on their chest until they pass out.

The girl in the video, who appears to be a preteen, apparently tried to do the challenge even though her mother told her not to, so the mother decided she would beat her with a belt and film it for the Internet. The belt beating is intense, and while some people seem to think that it’s an acceptable punishment, others seem to think it borders on child abuse.

“Call me old-fashioned but I think this looks like the parent at least cares about their kid and is disciplining her so she doesn't end up being one of the idiots who does the "fire challenge" next,” wrote one user on Reddit.

“Yea, but disciplining your child doesn't require beating them with a belt,” responded another user. “Beating your kids doesn't teach them the difference between right and wrong, it just teaches them how to lie so they can avoid future beatings.”

“I think beating a child across her back with a belt is pretty damn rage worthy,” said another user. “You'd go to prison for that in my country. You'd go to prison for doing it to an adult. Because she's a child in the US, her parents can beat the hell out of her and put it on Facebook.”

Take a look at the video below. Was this mother’s punishment justified?

Woman Beats Child for Attempting the Sleep Challenge from Swede Ish on Vimeo.

Sources: Reddit, Vimeo


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