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'I Don't Want Another Child To Go Through This': Mom Says School Sent Her Autistic Son Home In Too-Small Pants


An Indiana mother was outraged after her autistic son was reportedly sent home from school in pants that were several sizes too small for him.

Emily Miller, of Greenfield, Indiana, said her 6-year-old son, Joseph, is autistic and often has difficulty articulating his needs to school staff, WTHR reports.

When Miller picked up her son from Weston Elementary School on Oct. 21, she allegedly noticed that the child was in tears and wearing pants several sizes too small for him.

"They were all the way up [part of his chest] and they were really tight," Emily Miller told WTHR.

She said her son had soiled himself at school after not making it to the restroom in time. Instead of calling Miller, however, school administrators decided to put the boy in pants that were much too small for him.

Miller said her son was humiliated by the incident.

"He didn't understand what happened, what was going wrong," she said. "He thought he was in trouble. He thought the teachers hated him."

Miller added that children "internalize that kind of thing."

"He is covering his face," she said. "The kids are pointing."

Miller added that she lives only five minutes away from her son's elementary school and could have easily rushed over a change of clothes had the school contacted her.

The superintendent of the Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation said that it wasn't part of the district's policy to call parents every time a child has an accident at school. However, administrators added that they will be reviewing school procedures in light of the incident.

"I am leaving the care of my babies in their hands thinking that they are going to treat my children like they would treat their own and I am thinking there is no way that they would let their kids walk out like that," Miller said.

Miller added that she planned to keep her children home from school for the rest of the week.

"I am in parent protective mode right now," she said. "I don't want another child to go through this."

This is not the first time a parent has been outraged by the way school administrators decided to treat a child who had an accident at school.

Earlier in October, a Florida family complained after their daughter, also 6, was sent home from Belle Terre Elementary School in just an oversized T-shirt after wetting her pants in class, WKMG News reported at the time.

Sources: WTHR, WKMG News / Photo Credit: WTHR, Kevin/Flickr


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