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Mother Attempts To Kill Kids Because They're 'Evil'

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A mother in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was arrested after she allegedly attempted to kill her children because she believed they were "evil."

Kristen Kirk was arrested on Aug. 3 and charged with child neglect and first-degree arson after she allegedly tried to set her apartment on fire with her sleeping children inside.

“She indicated that she had intentionally wanted to set the apartment on fire to harm the children,” Tulsa Police Department spokesman Officer Leland Ashley told KTUL. 

The children were found by a maintenance worker who responded to a smoke alarm in the apartment.

“She left some burners on, she had put some items in a microwave, some metal objects, to try and start a fire,” Ashley said. Kirk told officers she was “trying to kill her children and set the fires while the children were sleeping,” according to an arrest report.

The woman made one attempt to set the apartment on fire and left the building for about an hour before returning home and attempting another fire, then leaving again.

During the second attempt to set the house on fire, a can of food reportedly exploded on the stove and the label caught fire. 

Kirk reportedly made the second attempt after she went across the street to watch the apartment go up in flames, but the attempt failed.

“She had heard some voices or something that told her the kids were evil and she needed to take care of it and so she was attempting to set fire to the apartment while the kids were asleep,” Child Crisis Cpl. Greg Smith told KJRH. 

KOKI reported that the alleged voices in Kirk’s head told her that her children were cannibals and needed to die. 

Kirk’s 5-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son were alone in the apartment when maintenance workers found them. The woman admitted to officers that she wanted her children to die, and the children also said they believed their mother was trying to kill them.

The children were taken into child services custody following the incident. 

Sources: KTUL, KJRH, KOKI / Photo credit: KJRH 

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