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'She Grabbed Her By The Hair': 44-Year-Old Mother Wearing Underwear And Coat Attacks Woman Who Suggested She Put More Clothes On

A mother-of-five reportedly attacked another woman after she expressed concern that the mom was only wearing underwear outside in the freezing cold.

Reports say that 36-year-old Lisa Warner went out for a night on the town in freezing cold temperatures wearing only her underwear and a coat. While outside of a pub, 44-year-old Lisa Mills approached her and expressed concern for her safety because of what she was wearing. Mills offered to call a cab for Warner so that she could put something else on, but this criticism angered the mother-of-five, and immediately, she attacked Mills.

Warner, who was reportedly drunk, grabbed Mills’ hair and spat at her before three people were finally, after two minutes of hair pulling, were able to restrain her.

When questioned by police, Warner claimed she only had “a drink or two” and didn’t remember much about what went on.

In the end, a judge sentenced Warner to a year of conditional discharge and ordered her to pay for compensation, court fees, and a victim surcharge.

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“Miss Warner was wearing underwear with a coat over the top,” Prosecutor Mark Soper said of the Jan. 11 incident. “Her son was trying to get her to go back to her home address. It was quite a cold night. Miss Mills and her friend approached the defendant to suggest she go home because of the temperature and her lack of clothing at which point Miss Warner turned on Miss Mills. She reached her arms up over the railing to try and slap Miss Mills over the head.

“She stood up on the lower wall, bent over the railing and quite simply she spat at Miss Mills. It landed on her shoulder,” Soper continued. “She grabbed her by the hair, pulling her forcefully and held onto her for two minutes. It took three people to remove Miss Warner from attacking Miss Mills.”

Defense attorney Mark Lister claims that Warner and Mills lived next door to each other and already had past issues with one another.

“There are ongoing issues between the families,” Lister said in court. “Miss Mills did not have any need to speak to Miss Warner at all. It is unfortunate she got involved. Miss Mills was the author of her own misfortune in this. She (Warner) bitterly regrets what happened and asks you to accept her apology.”

Sources:The Daily Mirror, Metro UK / Photo Source: The Daily Mirror


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