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Man Sentenced For Attacking Woman He Became Obsessed With

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Holly Hayles was bruised and battered after trying to save her 22-month-old son Spencer from a man, who she’d been on a handful of dates with, attacked her.

Rees Adamson’s February attack left Hayles’ face swollen and bruised, Mirror reports. She suffered three deep cuts and 15 stitches to the head.

Adamson, 26, became obsessed with Hayles after meeting through a mutual friend.

“I’d started speaking to Rees and then I met up with him about three times as friends, but over the next few weeks he became more and more obsessive,” Hayles told Mirror. “He would call me multiple times a day to ask where I was and who I was with, it scared me how needy and possessive he was.”

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According to Hayles, Adamson even admitted to being in love with her.

At first, Hayles thought Adamson’s affection was sweet. That is, until she found out that he had a history of being abusive in previous relationships.

Adamson then began showing up at Hayles’ house and even broke in to steal her phone. He was arrested, then released on bail and attempted to break in a second time. During his second try, he brutally beat Hayles.

“Rees ran at me, he knew I had Spencer in my arms, but he didn’t care – it was like he was possessed,” Hayles said.

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Luckily, a close friend of the 22-year-old mother was staying over and distracted Adamson before the attack while Hayles called police.

Adamson punched Hayles in the face, whacked her head with a chair and smashed a glass bottle over her. Hayles noted that at one point, all she could see was her own blood streaming down her son’s face as Adamson trashed her home.

Adamson has since been convicted of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. He was handed an eight year sentence in which he was told he’ll serve at least five years behind bars and the last three on extended license. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror

Photo Credit: Birmingham Mall


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