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Mom Arrested For Punching, Bloodying 1-Year-Old Son

North Carolina resident Kimberly Aguilar, 20, was arrested on Saturday after she punched both her 1-year-old son and another woman in the face.

It’s not known what sparked the argument, but the conflict ended with Aguilar bloodying her young son’s face. According to WRAL, Aguilar’s son suffered a bloody nose, facial cuts and a busted lip from the punch.

Aguilar was immediately arrested following the incident and charged with assault, misdemeanor child abuse, resisting arrest and assaulting a government official. She appeared in court on Monday, but there is no update available on her case. It is not known if Aguilar’s child will remain in her custody once her legal proceedings are over.

Aguilar’s criminal history does nothing to alleviate concerns about her ability to raise a child; she was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon in 2011 and for simple assault in 2013.

Photo Credit: WRAL 


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