Mom Arrested for Cheering at Daughter’s Graduation; Files Lawsuit Against School


FLORENCE, S.C.—In June of 2012, a mother was arrested at her daughter’s graduation from South Florence High School because she cheered as her daughter walked across the stage to get her diploma.

Shannon Cooper Goodman was charged with disorderly conduct.

“Humiliation,” Goodman said of the arrest. “I don’t even think humiliation could describe how I felt.”

Police said that it had been announced before the ceremony that anyone who cheered or screamed would be escorted out of the building.

Goodman fought the charge, and, in September 2012, she was found not guilty.

In May 2013, she went on to file a lawsuit against Florence School District One, the Florence Police Department and the City of Florence on the grounds of wrongful imprisonment, abuse of process, defamation, assault and outrage.

The lawsuit alleged that Goodman was publicly humiliated by the defendants’ conduct. Furthermore, the suit claimed that because of the defendants’ gross negligence and reckless conduct, Goodman was falsely arrested, defamed, wrongfully imprisoned and wrongly prosecuted.

This week, according to Goodman’s attorney, H. Lee Herron, the lawsuit was settled. Herron noted that the terms of the settlement are confidential.

Sources: Carolina Live, Breaking Brown

Photo Sources: Carolina Live, NY Daily News


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