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Mom Arrested For Allowing Son To Drive Golf Cart (Video)

A video (below) has surfaced of Julie Mall being arrested by police on Bald Head Island, North Carolina, on July 26, 2015, for allowing her 11-year-old son, Josh, to drive a golf cart back to the family's $1,000-a-day rented cottage.

Julie, her husband Scott Mall, their two children, and their adult niece had gone to the beach to watch the sunset, The Charlotte Observer reports.

A police officer in a cart pulled the family over when they had almost completed their the two-block, 30-second ride back to the cottage.

"Immediately he started berating us," Julie, 43, told The Observer in a recent interview. "He was saying, 'How old is this kid?' 'Are you guys drunk?' 'I could write you up for child abuse.'"

The age limit for driving golf carts on the island is 16 years old and drivers must have a driver's license.

Julie recalled having one glass of wine with dinner, hours earlier, but insisted no one in the family was drunk.

According to Julie, she had her niece take her crying kids back to the family's cottage while the officer yelled at her.

Julie recalled her interaction with the cop: "I said, 'You ought to be ashamed of yourself,' and I stuck my finger in his face."

The officer radioed for backup because he reportedly did not have a citation book with him, and two more police vehicles came to the scene.

Julie said she then asked her husband Scott, 45, to drive the golf cart back to the cottage and pick up some bug spray.

She recalled standing on the median of the golf cart path, but police told her she was blocking traffic and instructed her to get back into her now non-existent golf cart.

"He said, 'You need to go back to your golf cart or I’m going to cuff you,'" Julie told the newspaper. "He lunged across at me, twisting my arm behind my back. I’m hysterical. I’ve never been that scared of anything in my life."

Police Officer James Hunter, who arrested Julie, refused to comment to The Observer, but his police report said that he pulled over an underage driver and recalled speaking to Julie and Scott, whom he described as drunk.

"I immediately observed both to be intoxicated," Hunter wrote in his report. "In explaining the rules and regulations to the pair, both were uncooperative and obstinate, with the female stating several times, 'Well, just cite me.'"

According to Hunter's report, Julie was "agitated and loud, standing in the middle of the street and interfering with passing vehicular and pedestrian traffic."

"In attempting to secure the custody of the female, same dropped to the ground and began screaming and flailing around, refusing to surrender her hands or obey officer commands," Hunter noted in his report. "Same was physically assaultive and required me to initiate ground control to secure her custody."

Moments later, Scott returned to the scene and filmed the cops arresting Julie.

"As soon as I came up there, I saw him start coming toward her," Scott told The Observer. "My reaction was to film it so we’d have some proof because I knew this wasn’t an up-and-up situation."

According to Scott, no one was drunk, but he added: "It became a frightening situation. It escalated out of control.”

Julie said she was never given a sobriety test despite the drunk allegations, but she was reportedly taken to a ferry where waiting passengers were told to wait for the next boat because a prisoner (Julie) was being transported.

Julie said she was taken to a jail in Bolivia, North Carolina, about 20 minutes away.

She was charged with resisting a public officer, intoxicated and disruptive and misdemeanor child abuse.

"The village takes seriously the safety of its residents and visitors, including children, particularly in the operation of motor vehicles," Charles Baldwin, Bald Head Village's lawyer, told The Observer. "Officers on scene acted appropriately and in their best judgment for the safety of the child and also of the adults involved."

The village said in a statement: "As to the specific incident involving Julie Mall, the village believes the arrest report, which is a public record, speaks for itself. The village denies any allegation that she was treated anything other than as professionally and courteously as the circumstances would allow."

It's not clear why Hunter did not charge Scott with child abuse or intoxication.

Hunter failed to show up on Julie's trial date, Aug. 20, 2015, and again on Oct. 2 of that year.

After Hunter's two failures to testify on these charges, the court dismissed the case against Julie. However, the charges could still be reinstated within two years of the original charge date.

Sources: The Charlotte Observer, WWAY / Photo Credit: Scott Mall via YouTube

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