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Mom And Step-Mom Beat Up Their Son's Bullies

A mother and step-mother wound up behind bars after confronting a school bullies and allegedly assaulting them.

Their 12 year-old-son was repeatedly bullied by two girls and the mothers were apparently frustrated because school administrators failed to fix the problem.

The two women showed up at the school cafeteria in Fresno, California, and fought with the two girls. The boy’s 15-year-old sister joined the fray too and is now facing assault charges.

The 12-year-old boy has also been arrested on conspiracy charges related to the incident. "The little boy was there, too. He wasn't involved in the fight, but clearly he pointed out the two teenagers that were allegedly causing him problems,” Lt. Joe Gomex of Fresno Police told My Fox Philly. "The 15-year-old sister was arrested for the felony charge of conspiracy, and also she assaulted a school official who was trying to break it up, probably pushed her back or punched her.”

No one in the story has been identified. 

Source: My Fox Philly Image via My Fox Philly


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