Mom Accused of Providing Alcohol, Condom for Teen Daughter’s Party

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Eliane Mullen is accused of providing alcohol and a condom at her 15-year-old daughter's birthday party in her Easton, Connecticut, home on April 18.

"The whole thing got out of hand," Mullen told the Connecticut Post. "My daughter invited two friends over for a sleepover, and all of a sudden kids just kept coming in, boys and girls that were not supposed to be there.

"I did not coordinate the party, my daughter did, I had no clue she brought alcohol," added Mullen, who now lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.

"I thought she was going to Marshalls because she had a gift card, but she went to the liquor store instead and then she hid the bottles in the back of my car," Mullen stated.

However, police claim that Mullen bought vodka, whiskey and beer for the party, and provided a condom for two teens who wanted to have sex.

The party reportedly included three of Mullen's children and their friends.

One teen partygoer ended up in the hospital because he drank too much vodka and beer, say police.

Mullen countered, "The amount he drank at the party was not enough to make him that drunk and I know because I was a certified nurse's aide."

Mullen also blamed her daughter for the condom distribution.

"I have a condom in my nightstand and sometimes my daughter comes in and plays with it," Mullen added. "She must have come into my bedroom and taken it from my nightstand."

According to the Associated Press, Mullen has been hit with 10 counts of risk of injury to a minor and will have to appear in court on Sept. 16.

Sources: Connecticut Post, Associated Press (Image Credit: Easton Police Handout to Media, Pixie Copley/Flickr)


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