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Mom Accused Of Helping Teen Daughter Fight Girl (Video)

An unidentified mom has been charged with battery after allegedly helping her daughter and a second female student fight a sophomore girl at Redan High School in DeKalb County, Georgia, on May 18 (video below).

"Punching me, she hit me in the back of the head with a cell phone, pulling my hair," the sophomore, who has chosen to remain anonymous, told WSB-TV.

"Why would you get in a kid's business?" the sophomore added. "That was really uncalled for, what she did."

The sophomore told the news station that she was jumped in a school hallway, which followed a year of being bullied.

"I try to defend myself, but I can’t really handle three people," the sophomore said.

DeKalb County School District officials released a statement: "The district will never tolerate altercations of any type on its campuses."

The sophomore said she had cuts to her head and a concussion because of the incident.

The sophomore's mother, Darlene Smith, said she plans to take her daughter out of the school:

She checks in, and then gets to walk around the school? And no security? Where was security when my daughter was being attacked? I feel like the DeKalb County schools need to be held accountable, just as well as the mother.

The school district has refused to release the incident report or the name of the mom who was charged.

In another DeKalb County school incident, a teacher and a paraprofessional were fired on May 24 from Stone Mountain Middle School after being caught on video fighting in front of students, reports WSB-TV.

Two students tried to stop the fight, but were unable. Fortunately, a third adult stepped in to stop the brawl.

Another reported incident happened at a DeKalb County school in February.

Lacina Bennett told WGCL that her son Travail, who has a serious heart condition, was beaten up in a restroom at Lithonia High School.

According to Lacina, her boy could have suffered a heart attack from the assault, which was filmed on cell phones by other students.

Travail, who has had three open heart surgeries, said that he was locked in the school bathroom by some teens who beat him up.

Lacina was upset that the school didn't do more to protect her son and other kids from violence.

The DeKalb County School District refused to go on camera, but did release a statement: "Following a complete and thorough investigation, we will move quickly to take the necessary actions based on what the investigation reveals. As this matter is under investigation, it is a confidential personnel matter."

Sources: WSB-TV (2), WGCL / Photo credit: Dave Conner/Flickr

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