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Mom Accused Of Child Abuse For Buying Daughter A Boy's Suit (Video)

Rachel Giordano claims that her five-year-old daughter, Maddie, wanted to wear a boy's suit for Easter, but a store clerk said it would be abuse.

The alleged incident happened last Saturday in Denison, Texas, at a store called Martha's Miniatures.

Giordano says that a store clerk was upset when her "tom boy" daughter tried on suits (video below).

"The woman's face was just a face of disgust," Giordano told KTEN. "And she told me that I was promoting wrong behavior, that parents should not let their children choose the way that they dress if it's cross-gendered."

Giordano posted about the incident on Facebook, causing people to give Martha's Miniatures bad reviews, but the store reportedly confirmed the incident.

The Martha's Miniatures Facebook page stated, "This is child abuse from the mother ... I am sorry, I did not say anything to the children, just to the mom. She is wrong to encourage this,” noted CBS Dallas Fort Worth.

The Martha's Miniatures Facebook page has been taken down. The owner has not responded to media inquiries.

Giordano took Maddie to a JC Penney's, where the little girl got her Easter suit.

Sources: KTEN, CBS Dallas Fort Worth
Image Credit:KTEN Screenshot


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