Mom Accidentally Prepared Baby Formula with Vodka; Baby’s BAC was Three Times Legal Adult Limit


After a babysitter allegedly left a bottle full of vodka in her house, a mother unwittingly mixed the vodka into her 13-month-old child’s baby formula.

Jessica Bachmaier, of Eerie, Penn., left her child with a male babysitter while she went out to work her second job. The babysitter, whom Bachmaier described as a “known alcoholic and drug addict,” is suspected of having left behind a bottle of vodka.

After Bachmaier fed her one-year-old daughter Nevaeh – whose name is “heaven” spelled backwards – the formula, she noticed that the baby was acting oddly.

“Her motor skills weren’t there. She wasn’t cooperating, she was like a limp noodle,” Bachmaier said.

Bachmaier added that Nevaeh was falling on the ground “like a zombie” after eating the formula. She then passed out on the coffee table; Bachmaier let the baby sleep for an hour and 15 minutes before taking her to the hospital.

By the time they got to the hospital, Nevaeh was in critical conditions. Doctors discovered that the baby’s blood alcohol level was 0.289 – three times the legal driving limit for adults.

Bachmaier said she was shocked to hear that the child had alcohol in her system.

“I was very surprised, as I don’t drink,” Bachmaier claimed. She added that she doesn’t keep alcohol in her house.

Nevaeh was later reported to be in good, stable condition.

Bachmaier lost custody of the child, who is now in foster care. It is unclear whether Nevaeh will be allowed to maintain contact with her mother.

No charges have been brought against Bachmaier, although the investigation is ongoing.

Sources: Inquistr, Post-Gazette

Photo Source: Inquistr


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