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Mom Abuses Child To Make Disturbing Point

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A Nebraska woman has been arrested after allegedly forcing her infant son's hand into a steaming hot cup of coffee simply to prove to him that it was hot. 

Mommy Page reports that 36-year-old Rebecca Brahier has been charged with willful injury and child endangerment after authorities say she shoved her son's hand and forearm into a cup of hot coffee.  

Brahier admitted to police that her son wouldn’t stop touching her coffee mug, so to prove to him that the mug was too hot to touch, she forced his hand into the coffee.  

Police say the coffee burned the baby so badly that he had to be immediately rushed to Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, where he received treatment for the wounds.  

Reaction to this story on Facebook was swift. One user wrote, “What a horrible thing to do especially a small child I hope she gets plenty of time to have to sit and think about it everyday from now on.”

Another added, “Remove the child and sever her parental rights immediately. Put her in a facility where the other residents know exactly what she is in for. Karma should take care of the rest.”

Brahier is currently being held on child endangerment charges.  No word from authorities on who is taking care of the baby in her absence. 

Sources: Mommy Page, JumbleJoy/Facebook / Photo credit:

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