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Mom Abandons Newborn Triplets At Hospital For Unexpected Reason

A struggling mother reportedly fled from the hospital, leaving her newborn triplets behind because she cannot afford to care for them.

32-year-old Jeaneta Bente, a mother struggling already to raise three children, said that there is no way she could afford to care for three more babies.

The triplets, Alexandra, Isabela, and Christina, have lived in a hospital for the last three weeks. Bente was tracked down and confronted by local media after abandoning her newborn babies.

"I hope people can understand that I just don't have any possibility to feed or care for them, but I wish them the best and hope they have a better life than I can give them," the mother, from Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Romania, said.

After the confrontation, Bente placed the babies up for adoption. She is illiterate, so she had to use her thumbprint as a signature on the papers allowing them to be adopted.

The triplets are being transferred to a children's home and will eventually be placed with a foster family.

Romanian hospitals have had an increase in babies being abandoned. This year alone, 25 babes have been abandoned in the same hospital in which Bente gave birth. In most cases, the mothers say that they cannot afford to raise the child.

Sources: Yahoo NewsDaily Mail

Photo Credit: Yahoo News


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