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Mom, 52, Dresses as Daughter, 19, to Take Her Test

A 52-year-old mother reportedly dressed in baseball boots, jeans and makeup as her 19-year-old daughter in order to take a test for her.

The incident recently happened in a Paris, France exam center during a three-hour English composition exam.

According to The Guardian, the mom was able to sneak in because the test was not held at her daughter's school and some adult students were also taking exams.

However, a test overseer who was checking the students' ID cards noticed the mom did not match her ID after having seen the daughter taking a philosophy test only two days earlier.

The police were called but did not enter the room so as not to disturb the other students. A courtesy unlikely to have occurred in the United States.

However, after the mom finished the exam and walked out of the room, she was met by police outside the exam hall.

The woman was taken to a police station for questioning, but it is not clear what punishment the mom and/or daughter will face.

Source: The Guardian


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