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Molly Clarke Helps People Find Perfect Engagement Ring

For those fretting over buying the perfect engagement ring, there is now a solution, as one woman is offering her expertise to help people find the best ring.

Molly Clarke, 31, of Park Slope, Brooklyn, runs a consultation business called "The Ring Liaison." She charges a $500 flat fee to help people find the perfect ring for their spouse-to-be. 

One many, Pranay Reddy, hired her to help him find a ring for his girlfriend Erin Halley. After interviewing him and learning more about Halley, Clarke led him to a band with a sapphire center stone.

He said she was happy with the ring and he is pleased with Clarke's work.

Clarke believes the biggest mistake people make in picking out rings is believing they have to spend a lot to make it special. She encourages her customers to create their own designs and takes them to smaller jewelry outlets.

"It's this enormous purchase that's both emotional and expensive…you have to go out and hunt and forage and bring back something amazing. I want to help everybody in the couple be happier," she said. 

On average, her customers spend $10,000 to $15,000, but some have budgets as high as $30,000.

She said the biggest trend lately is opting for sapphires or other colored gems instead of diamonds.

"I think Kate Middleton's sapphire engagement ring did a lot to help people realize that engagement rings don't always have to be just diamonds," she said. 

Her focus now is growing into the same-sex marriage sector. This past weekend she had a stand at the Brooklyn Pride festival.

Sources: Daily Mail,The Ring Liaison


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