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Model Nicole Kyaw Attacked with Razor Blade by Girls at Kentucky Mall

An 18-year-old model was attacked by two girls in a Kentucky shopping mall with a razor blade. The girls targeted her face, leaving behind an "X" mark on her cheek and a bruised eye. 

According to the Daily Mail, Nicole Kyaw had never met the girls before but recognized one from Facebook. The girl had written her hostile messages on the site, ordering her to stop dating her boyfriend at the time. 

"One of the girls looked really familiar to me. She looked me dead in the eyes and I knew it was her instantly," Kyaw said. She also said the girl was smiling while slashing her face. 

Kyaw was on her way to work at the time, which was inside the mall. The attackers had called Kyaw's job beforehand so they would know when to wait for her. Once they saw her, they tackled her to the ground and attacked her with the razor. 

The mall was crowded that day but no one tried to help Kyaw. "There were others standing around, watching it happen. No one even helped me get up or told them to stop," she said. 

At first, she thought they were breaking her nose. 

"I thought I broke my nose, I didn't think they slashed my face up like this."

After she was attacked, she ran to her job and told her manager to call 911. 

Once she arrived at the hospital, doctors told her she was lucky to be alive. 

"They told me if they went down a little bit more on my neck I would be dead from losing so much blood," she said. 

Kyaw is fearful that the attackers will target her again, as they are still at-large. 

"This is not a human act, it's like an animal," she said. "I don't feel safe going anywhere now."

Police said they will make arrests shortly. 


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