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Model Mayhem Website Linked to Disappearances of Two Colorado Girls

The National Women's Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation believes that there is a link between modeling networking website Model Mayhem and the disappearances of two Colorado women. The Women’s Coalition says that Kara Nichols and Raven Furlong both had profiles on the site prior to going missing.

Furlong, 17, vanished in early February. Her family discovered her profile on the site and some disturbing correspondence between the teenager and a photographer. "The photographers (were) asking her to do nude photographs after asking her if she was 18 and her telling them no," said Tobi Buckley, Furlong's aunt.

Nichols went missing in October. Investigators are concerned about what she might have gotten herself mixed up in after they discovered she had been visiting several fashion-related sites that "involved illicit drugs and prostitution," reports The Daily News. Nichols' mom, Julia Nichols said: "We're reluctant to portray our daughter as just a no-good person that no one should care about. We're deeply alarmed about what may have happened to her."

Furlong’s family did receive a phone call from her, but it did little to relieve their anxiety about what has befell their daughter. "Raven said she was safe, but that she was calling from someone else's phone and couldn't stay on the line and had to go," said the girl’s mother, Lin Furlong. "I was relieved to hear her voice, but I'm terrified for her. She sounded scared and not like herself at all."

Modeling Mayhem is the common link between the two girls. "We're not saying that Model Mayhem is to blame," said Women’s Coalition president Michelle Bart. "But it's a common denominator. They were posing in activity online on a website that most people don't frequent."

She went on:

"The Model Mayhem website, let's face it, is not something you'd see Tyra Banks on. It's not your typical website that you'd see famous models on. The first thing you're asked about is sex, nudity."

Source: (The Daily News)


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