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Model Marina Asenova Never Paid for Decade-Long Sally Hansen Deal

A woman who was a model for much of her youth was surprised to find that a cosmetic giant in America was using her photo for years without her permission.

Marina C worked mainly in Europe as a model, but she returned to New York City in 2006. She sued her former modeling agency last year when she discovered boxes of Sally Hansen hair removal cream with her face on it. 

She says the agency, MC2, never told her about the deal with Sally Hansen, and has not paid her any royalties for the near decade they have used her pictures.

Marina said the agency is refusing to speak to her, though they have made a small percentage of what was made off the advertising deal. They said they can't tell her how much they made from the deal because they have lost their payment records.

They said the do "not owe anything to Ms. Asenova because it no longer represents her."

Her lawsuit said, "With agents like that, who needs enemies."

Jeff Fuller, head of MC2, has begun firing back at the claims, saying she was an "average model."

"Ms. Asenova was never a supermodel. She was an average model at best with average earnings," he said. "It's a shame her career has dwindled down to the point where she's suing the agency for money."

Her lawyer, Tom Mullaney, said she was actually a successful model in Europe, having worked for Olay, Yves St. Laurent and other top brands.

"She wasn't too average to hire, but she was too average to pay," he said. "I hope they tell that to the judge."

Though Marina wants the company to stop using her image, Sally Hansen continues to use her image on their products.

She filed a suit with Manhattan Supreme Court last week ordering the company take the products with her face off the shelves.

Sources: NY Daily News, Jezebel


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