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Model Goes Missing, Body Found Without Organs

Model Goes Missing, Body Found Without Organs Promo Image

A Georgia mother is still searching for answers after her son's body was found in 2013 with organs missing.

Ryan Singleton's body was found in July 2013, WXIA reported. He was driving to Los Angeles from Las Vegas when his car broke down two and a half hours into the drive.

Singleton was picked up by California Highway Patrol after they spotted him walking on a highway. They drove him to a nearby gas station, where he waited for a friend to pick him up.

But before his friend could pick him up, Singleton disappeared. Seventy-four days later, his body was found about two miles away from the gas station, missing organs.

Iris Flowers, Singleton's mother, said her son moved out of their Georgia home when he was 21 years old to pursue a career in modeling.

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"I'm glad that he did go. He took the courage and he went. He was brave," Flowers told WXIA. "Ryan was never afraid to try anything. He was never afraid. Most things he tried, he mastered."

Flowers said she followed her son on social media to keep up with his life. She remembered seeing her son walking down a runway during New York's Fashion Week.

"Of course I'm at home worrying, but eventually I saw it on Facebook where he was walking down the runway Fashion Week with a pair of gold shorts on," Flowers recalled. "I'm like, alright, he is doing what he wants to do."

Singleton then decided he wanted to become an actor. He traveled with a group friends in a U-Haul truck from New York to Los Angeles. The group documented the journey.

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"A lot of things that happened on that trip, he recorded it," Flowers explained. "A lot of his production team members have a lot of their lives together recorded. So, soon people will be able to see that."

The clips are being used to create a documentary series.

"While filming a documentary, titled 'Are We Famous Yet???,' about following their dreams and living a life inspired by the guys from HBO's 'Entourage' ... three guys (Ryan Singleton, Antonio Faison and Jared Davis), move to Hollywood, after immediate success, end up in a real-life horror movie when Ryan is mysteriously, brutally murdered," the film's Facebook page reads. "The remaining friends Antonio and Jared hire top experts to search for answers into Ryan's murder while fighting to hold onto their Hollywood Dream."

Before his death, Singleton went back to New York and married celebrity stylist Kythe Brewster.

"I find out on social media Ryan has gotten married to a man twice his age," Flowers said. "I don't even know who this is. I don't even have a clue as to what's going on. It was a total shock."

Flowers recalled a conversation she had with her son just before his disappearance in which he said he felt like something terrible was coming.

"Something bad is going to happen to me isn't it?" Singleton asked his mother.

"Ryan, what are you talking about?" Flowers responded, asking him if he owed anyone money. Singleton said he did not.

"I've done a lot of things to hurt a lot of people," Singleton answered.

"I don't know if he felt some kind of way because he left the [production] team, married Kythe and it didn't work out with Kythe and now he's home," Flowers said. "He knew he hurt me by disappearing and not communicating with me. Anybody outside of that, I couldn't figure out who it could be."

Nearly five years later, Flowers is still looking for clues as to what happened to her son.

"The truth. The answers. The justice. The accountability of what happened to my child really," Flowers said.

The case remains unsolved.

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