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Missouri Men Guard Store During Looting Rampage

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Riots have paralyzed the town of Ferguson, Missouri, after hundreds of citizens took to the streets this weekend in protest of police violence in the small midwestern city.

One shop owner was not prepared to allow his shop to be pillaged, however. In a vigilante move, the shop owner, aided by a group of his colleagues, gathered in the parking lot to protect the store from looters.

Ray Downs, photographer for local paper the Riverfront Times, snapped a photograph late last night in between "lots of looting."

The looting was sparked by the death of Michael Brown, a 2014 high school graduate who was set to begin college in just a week. Brown was shot "more than just a couple" times by a police officer just moments after the teen left his home.

It was later confirmed that Brown was unarmed, though the cause of the shooting has yet to be revealed.

The NAACP is calling for an FBI investigation to determine the legality of the situation, and to attempt to bring the offending police officer to justice.

Some people were not patient enough to wait for an investigation that may never come, however, and chose to take out their pain in furthering the violence in Ferguson, Missouri.

TheBlaze reported, "After a few thousand people attended a memorial, some showed their rage by raiding stores and smashing windows."

Sources: TheBlaze, Twitter


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