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MMA Fighter Who Fought Off Home Intruders Learns His Fate

This just in: breaking into a professional fighter’s home is a bad idea.

The District Attorney’s office in Las Cruces, New Mexico announced Thursday that Joseph Torrez, a professional mixed martial arts fighter, will not be charged for fighting off four intruders during a January home invasion at his property.

Torrez, 27, killed one of the intruders and severely injured another. The other two men ran from his house in fear.

Yesterday, Las Cruces officials ruled that Torrez’s actions were legally justified and that he was fighting out of self-defense.

“He was fighting for his life,” C.J. McElhinney, an attorney representing Torrez, said.

The four men who broke into Torrez’s home are identified as Sal Garces, 25, Raymond Garces, 19, Nathan Avalos, 20, and Leonard Calvillo, 22. 

According to police, all four men are known gang members. Sal Garces was armed with a “crude shank” when he broke into Torrez's home, and another intruder grabbed a knife once inside.

Torrez fought Sal Garces first, and killed him. He then fought Avalos, and left him so severely injured that he was rushed to the hospital afterwards. The other two intruders then fled the scene.

Calvillo is charged with aggravated battery, two counts of conspiracy and criminal damage to property. Raymond Garces is charged with two counts of conspiracy and criminal damage to property.

Sources: Las Cruces Sun-NewsMailOnline


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