MMA Fighter Kills Home Invader, Fights Off Three Others, After Death Threat


Joseph Torrez, a trained MMA fighter, fought off four men to protect himself, his fiancée and their 2-year-old during a home invasion.

New details have now been released about the event that transpired, creating confusion as to exactly what happened.

Deputies said it all started with an argument between Torrez and four other men. One of the men, Leonard Calvillo, called Torrez prior to the break-in and threatened to go to Torrez's home. The arrest affidavit quotes Calvillo telling Torrez, "I will kill you and your family," reports KFOX14.

Calvillo along with Nathan Avalos, Sal Garces and Raymond Garces broke into the home and Torrez's fiancé tried to hold the men back. A broken glass door and broken window were found at the home.

The men tossed furniture and then physically attacked Torrez. He was able to fight the men off and protect his family.

Sal Garces sustained stab wounds and died at the scene. Neighbors were alarmed by the body bag lying in the street.

"We were a little shocked about it because normally this neighborhood is really quiet," said neighbor David Cooper to KFOX14.

Avalos was taken to the hospital, while Calvillo and Raymond Garces were arrested. They face multiple charges including aggravated battery and aggravated burglary.

Joseph Torrez and his family have since moved out of their home.

"Last night they had about four or five trucks over there just throwing stuff in. Just vacating the premises," said Cooper.

Attempts to contact Torrez by KFOX14 have proven unsuccessful.


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