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MMA Fighter Killed Playing Russian Roulette

A MMA fighter died while reportedly playing a game of Russian roulette at a Dallas, Texas, apartment on June 11.

Dallas police confirmed the early morning death of Ivan “J.P.” Cole, 25, from a gunshot, but did not state whether he shot himself or was shot by someone else, The Dallas Morning News reports.

Cole’s death occurred while he was playing a game of Russian roulette with a gun and that he shot himself, according to KTVT sources.

Evidence at the scene has reportedly raised questions as to exactly what happened.

“They think it’s something else other than the Russian Roulette type thing,” MMA fighter An-Twan Williams, who knew Cole personally, said. "I don’t think it’s the Russian … I don’t think he would play with himself like that."

Cole’s death will be classified as unexplained until an autopsy is completed, investigators say.

“He’s such a great athlete in the cage or in the ring, just such a great athlete," Williams said. "You can’t even explain it, but when you see him outside of the ring or the cage, he’s just so cool.

In the past four years, Cole, who also worked as a Dallas-area MMA instructor, won two of five professional MMA fights, according to records obtained by The Dallas Morning News.

Cole was fined $5,000 in 2015 by the Texas Combative Sports Advisory Board for unsportsmanlike conduct. His license was also suspended for one year.

“You still give me butterflies,” Cole’s wife of two years posted to Facebook the day before his death.

Sources: The Dallas Morning News, KTVT / Photo credit: Facebook via The Dallas Morning News

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