MMA Fighter Explains Why He's Proud Of The Beating He Gave Two Would-Be Robbers (Video)


In a YouTube video in early January, Brazilian MMA fighter Renzo Gracie tells the story of when he administered a thorough beat down to two New York City men who he believes tried to rob him — and why he says he’d do it again in a heartbeat.

The men reportedly ran up on Gracie as he was walking home from a dinner in the city one night. They first yelled out to him asking for a cigarette, but Gracie told them he didn’t smoke. Gracie knew something was about to go down when, after several more blocks of walking, he turned around and the men were still following him.

Eventually, the men reportedly ran up on Gracie and reached for his wallet. Big mistake.

Gracie hit one of the men with a left hook-jab punch combo that knocked him out. The other would-be mugger went running. Gracie followed him until the man met back up with his accomplice. Then, Gracie jumped into action and relentlessly beat the men. He even describes, in detail, “raccooning” one of the men — a beating in which you grab a person by the neck and punch both of their eyes until they turn black, like a raccoon’s.

So, why is he so proud of the beating he gave the men? Because it taught them a lesson, he says.

“These people, you have to understand, they are the guys who are outside stealing from women, who are stealing from old people,” he reasons. “They prey on them. So if you have an opportunity to put a beating on them, it has to be well done.”

Here is the full video of Gracie sharing his story:

Sources: YouTube, The Blaze; Photo Credit: Screenshot,


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