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MMA Athlete Toby Grear Supports Medical Marijuana in Calif.


Pro MMA fighter and NORML supporter Toby ‘Tigerheart’ Grear has challenged the California State Athletic Commission on their prohibition of medical cannabis use by sanctioned competitors.

Toby spoke at this year’s national conference on a panel that examined cannabis use among professional athletes.

Every year dozens of professional athletes are arrested or negatively impacted by drug testing rules. This week’s example is from Washington where recent National League Cy Young winner, pitcher Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants, became one of America’s approximately 750,000 annual cannabis possession arrest cases. Little known is that in Washington there is an automatic one day in jail penalty for getting caught with any amount of cannabis.

Next time a prohibitionist from law enforcement, an anti-drug bureaucracy or media pundit claims that ‘no one goes to jail for using or possessing cannabis’ you can rightly let them know that they’re misinformed, as the state of Washington, along with numerous other state and county governments, routinely incarcerate cannabis consumers caught on little more than personal possession charges.

President Bush’s drug czar, John Walters, claimed that no gets arrested or goes to jail for cannabis. That such is as rare as unicorns. However, Mr. Lincecum apparently has already copped a plea that will allow him to skip the one day incarceration. Lucky him!

Will a cannabis consumer and accomplished professional athlete like Tim Lincecum step up like Toby, Mark and Rob have? The reform of cannabis laws is certainly made easier when accomplished, professional athletes step to the fore with their self-interested advocacy.


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