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Baseball Star Jayson Werth Leaves $100 Tip At Buffalo Restaurant (Photo)

Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth made headlines in Buffalo after leaving a $100 tip on a $180.53 bill.

Werth recently began his rehab assignment with the AAA Syracuse Chiefs following his wrist injury. After a 7-0 loss to the Buffalo Bisons, he went out for some comfort food at The Black Sheep.

Usually, the recommended tip amount is anywhere between 15 to 25 percent when dining out. Werth, however, upped the ante by leaving a 55 percent tip, The Washington Post reported.

The waitress was local actress Jessica Wegrzyn, who played roles for the Kavinoky Theatre and Theatre of Youth. She posted a picture of Werth’s tab on Instagram and expressed her admiration for his beard.

"Thanks Jayson Werth,” she wrote on the photo’s caption. “You have a real cool beard and you're real nice and I've been told you're a real good baseball player.”

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During an interview with Chiefs broadcaster Kevin Brown, Werth said he is “really pleased” with the status of his wrist and expects to make his return to the Nationals soon.

“What’s been unique about this injury, the time when I wasn’t with the team I got a chance to see my 13-year-old son, my oldest son,” Werth said. “He’s on a travel team and he plays competitively, and I got a chance to see him play, which I wouldn’t have if I had been playing. I haven’t really been able to see a whole lot of him play over the years.

“That’s been fun, to get to do that, but really it just kind of takes you back to when I was 12, 13, on those travel teams, doing the same thing.”

Werth added that he's aware that "this journey's gonna [sic] end" someday.

“The DL’s really given me some time to reflect and realize at some point, this is gonna [sic] be over," he said. And I want to hang on and hold on as long as I can, because it’s been an unbelievable ride, and I want it to keep going.”

Sources: The Washington Post, Buffalo News

Photo Credit: Press Box DC, Instagram


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