MLB Pitcher Brandon McCarthy Slams Homophobic Kiss Cam


One Oakland Athletics pitcher had some harsh words for the stadium’s practice of zooming its “kiss cam” in on two men instead of a heterosexual couple. Instead of going on a homophobic rant as is expected from professional ball players, McCarthy had a much more insightful and enlightened indictment of the practice.

“They put two guys on the Kiss Cam tonight,” McCarthy tweeted. “What hilarity!! (by hilarity I mean offensive homophobia). Enough with this stupid trend.”

Typically, when two heterosexual men are caught on the Kiss Cam, they act disgusted by the prospect of kissing and everyone in the stadium gets a good laugh about it. Two men kissing? How absurd!

McCarthy is obviously onto something here. What he points out is the insidious homophobia present in any gag that depends on the implication that homosexual acts are somehow funny or disgusting.

"There's that stupid, little comedic value of it if you don't really think about what it implies," McCarthy told the San Francisco Chronicle. "It kind of got old on that level. Then I actually started thinking about why we were supposed to be laughing, and it bugged me."

"If there are gay people who are coming to a game and seeing something like that, you can't assume they're comfortable with it. If you're even making a small group of people ... feel like outcasts, then you're going against what makes your model successful."

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