Mizzou, Black Lives Matter Activists Slam Sympathy For Paris Attack Victims

While most of the world mourned the terrorist attacks in Paris that took the lives of over 100 people on Nov. 13, some University of Missouri (Mizzou) and Black Lives Matter activists had a very different reaction on Twitter.

Some of the Black Lives Matter activists slammed France for enslaving black people, a practice which ended in the early 1800s, and for France making Haiti pay for its independence (land and slaves), Breitbart reports.

If only white lives mattered to white people smh #ParisAttacks#ParisShooting#paris#FUCKPARIS#FUCKFRANCEpic.twitter.com/muss901RA4

— TooBlackTooStrong (@LOLatWhiteFear) November 15, 2015

You really expect us to support a Country that still taxes Afrika for Colonial expansionism? Yeah, #FuckParispic.twitter.com/MaJF4nDEDP

— IIIOGICAL - III - (@iiiogical420) November 15, 2015

What exactly are you praying for? {{-_-}} #FuckParispic.twitter.com/Jf8At4lzN4

— A NEW NATION ♠ (@JohnnyACE562) November 15, 2015

#prayersforparis#blackLivesMatter#fuckParis quit showing love to people that never showed it for you. https://t.co/69ag6zUkTq

— big chev (@sodamnfocused) November 14, 2015

Some University of Missouri (Mizzou) activists were upset about the media coverage that the Paris attacks received, Breitbart noted in a separate article.

Here are screenshots of those Twitter posts, courtesy of Breitbart:

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Sources: Breitbart.com (2) / Photo Credit: Twitter Screenshot, Wikipedia

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