Mitchell Kusick, Nursing Student, Arrested for Threatening to Kill President Obama and Children


Mitchell Kusick was arrested, on Tuesday, after telling his therapist that he wanted to kill children on Halloween and assassinate President Obama (video below).

Kusick is being held on suspicion of a federal charge of threats against a president. He is a nursing student at Colorado Mesa University in Westminster, Colorado, reports KUSA-TV.

Court records show that Kusick told his therapist about wanting to shoot children at a trick-or-treat event at Standley Lake High School.

Kusick told is therapist that he took a shotgun from his aunt's house and tried to buy ammunition.

He also told his therapist, on October 29, that he wanted to be the "guy who killed Obama."  The unidentified therapist then called police.

Kusick was reportedly obsessed with mass murders at Columbine High School ,Virginia Tech and the Dark Knight Rises theater massacre, reports the Daily Mail.

Kusick wrote on his Facebook page: "Some people just want to watch the world burn down, and I’m one of them."


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