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Mistrial Declared When John Huttick's Prosthetic Eye Pops Out During Testimony

After losing his eye during a fight, John Huttick tried suing the man who he says stabbed it out with a metal key.

Unfortunately for Huttick, his first attempt at taking Matthew Brunelli to court ended in a mistrial on Wednesday after his prosthetic eye burst out of its socket while he was testifying in front of jurors.

Judge Robert Coleman said what happened was an "unfortunate, unforeseen incident," but had no choice but to grant the defense attorney’s request for a mistrial because of the effect seeing the fake eye would have on an impartial jury.

"I couldn't believe it just came out," Huttick said.

According to USA Today, the fight occurred in August of 2011 after an argument between Brunelli and another patron at the New Princeton Tavern in Philadelphia, Pa., spilled out into the bar’s parking lot. When the dispute turned physical, Huttick stepped in and tried to separate the two parties; he was rewarded with a hit to his left eye for his troubles. Now he has a $3,000 prosthetic which, although expensive, apparently has a tendency to pop out at inopportune times.

Although Brunelli’s lawyer says he simply threw a punch that caused more damage than it should have, the prosecution is claiming that Brunelli was holding a key between his fingers when he struck Huttick. Brunelli is charged with aggravated assault.

In his lawsuit, Huttick is claiming that he lost his job because of the injury. He also says that he sunk into a deep depression after losing the eye, draining his finances and nearly costing him his relationship with his girlfriend.

"A year later," Huttick said, "I have no place to live, and I ran out of money."

A new trial is scheduled to begin next month on March 4th.

Source: (USA Today)


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