Missouri Woman Sues Bank, Equifax for Declaring Her Dead

Missouri woman Kimberly Haman sued her bank and a major credit bureau after they declared her dead and then failed to correct the mistake.

The 46-year-old filed the suit on Monday against Heartland Bank and Equifax, who had declared her dead a year ago.

"She's contacting them, and saying, 'Excuse me, I'm not dead,’” Haman's lawyer, Sylvia Goldsmith, said. “And even through that process, they continue to report her as deceased.”

The mistake has prevented Haman twice from refinancing her mortgage, and she has been declined for multiple credit cards.

The suit says Haman has suffered significant distrust, frustration and distress at the hands of her bank and Equifax. It also claims that she is hopeless as far as regaining her name and her credit score.

Goldsmith noted that Haman’s case is “shining the light” on problems in the procedures used by credit reporting agencies to investigate disputed customer information.

Sources: UPI,DailyMail


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