Missouri Woman Credits Gun Rights For Saving Her Life From Knifeman At Convenience Store


A woman from Springfield, Missouri, credited gun rights with saving her and her family's lives during an encounter at a gas station on Jan. 3.

Matt and Katie Claxton, along with their four children, stopped to get gas at around 8 p.m., KSPR and the Springfield News-Leader report.

Katie told KSPR in an interview that she and her children were waiting in their car while her husband was pumping gas, when a man brandishing a large knife, similar to a machete, approached the car.

Katie attempted to lock the doors but mistakenly rolled the window down instead, allowing the man to open a passenger door.

"Upon opening my car door he started to get in my car and he had a knife in his hand. The knife was pointed directly at me, and at that point, I screamed to my husband, 'Matt, get your gun!' And at that point the man stopped, and he started backing up. And [the man] said, 'You're lucky he has a gun.'"

The Springfield News-Leader reports that Katie then called 911, and the Claxtons began following the man as he unsuccessfully tried to break into several other nearby vehicles until police arrived and arrested him.

David Middleton, 42, has been charged in connection with the incident, according to the News-Leader.

Middleton claimed that he was paranoid and thought that he was being surveiled, and claimed that he was telling the Claxtons to "stop following him" at the time of the incident. He also claimed the reason he tried to get into several other cars was because he was startled at having a gun pointed at him.

Katie told KSPR that she was sure that Middleton knew exactly what he was doing.

"He was able to follow directions, the police officer's instructions, he was able to recognize me from my distance," said Katie.

She said her four children, who were all present during the incident, have struggled to understand what happened at the gas station or why. But she credited the fact that her husband had a gun as the reason that nobody in her family was harmed.

"Our Second Amendment right to carry is what saved our lives. If we didn't have our right to carry, I feel like we wouldn't be here today," Claxton said, according to the News-Leader.

Sources: KSPR, Springfield News-Leader / Photo credit: Facebook

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