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Missouri Woman Calls 911 For Help, Is Beaten By Police Officer

A 19-year-old Missouri woman has filed a police brutality complaint against the Pevely, Missouri Police Department.

The woman is identified as Kayla Conway. Conway called 911 last week after her boyfriend overdosed on anxiety medications. Conway and her boyfriend recently lost a child six months into her pregnancy, so one can only imagine how she felt after realizing her boyfriend was overdosing.

When paramedics arrived at the scene, they took Conway’s boyfriend away in an ambulance. A fearful Conway pleaded with officers to let her accompany him on the ride.

“I was worried about him,” said Conway. “I didn`t really want anything to happen to him because my son just passed away, and I didn`t want my boyfriend to die too.”

An officer at the scene refused to let Conway ride in the ambulance. As she protested his decision, the officer became violent, Conway says.

“He grabbed me by the back of my head and slammed me on the ground and dragged my head across the carpet and put me in handcuffs,” she told local news station KLPR-11.

Conway reports that she was arrested after being forced to the ground by the officer. Pevely Police Chief Ron Weeks confirmed that Conway was indeed taken into custody following the incident. She was charged both with assault and resisting arrest.

Conway, who took pictures of her cuts and bruises following the event, says any charges leveled against her are bogus. Her complaint alleges brutality on the behalf of the officer and requests that all charges against her be dropped.

Conway admits she was in a tense mood due to her boyfriend’s overdose but maintains police officers crossed a line in their handling of her.

“I think I was as calm as I could be in that situation,” she said.

The investigation is ongoing. 

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Sources: Daily Caller, KLPR-11


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