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Missouri Thief Finds Out What Happens When You Try To Rob An Armed Veteran (Video)

If you’re going to be dumb enough to rob a store, at least make sure you know who you’re messing with behind the counter.

One would-be Missouri thief found out the hard way what happens when you try to rob a man who is not only a store clerk, but also a retired war veteran, prison guard, and private investigator.

Surveillance video shows the robber walk up to the counter with a cigarette in his mouth. When the clerk tells the robber to put out the cigarette, the robber immediately pulls out a gun and says “Give me all the [expletive] money.”

Little did the robber know that the clerk, 54-year-old Jon Lewis Alexander, was packing a little heat of his own.  Alexander immediately moves the robber’s gun out of the way and pulls out his own gun, pressing it up to the man’s mouth.

Alexander told the thief he would “Blow his [expletive] head off.”

The thief then slowly backs away from the counter and runs out the door. Who wouldn’t?

Store owners Max Dawson applauded Alexander’s stop, saying “I think it’s a great thing.”

Alexander initially hesitated to tell his wife about his smooth theft rejection, but his wife stumbled across the footage on her own anyways. And it sounds like Alexander is probably glad she did.

“It took her a while to calm down,” he said. “But I got all kinds of lovin’ when she came home.”

Here’s video footage of Alexander and the would-be robber’s encounter: 

Source: The Blaze


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