Missouri Teens Freaks Out Over Poorly Parked Car


A Chesterfield, Missouri teen got really angry at someone’s parking job last week.

St. Louis news station Fox 2 Now reports that Carlie A. Hertle, 18, was arrested and charged with property damage after a poorly parked car “made her angry" and led her to vandalize the vehicle. 

According to police, Hertle scratched the car and smeared mascara all over it before leaving a nasty note behind.

“Hey [expletive]. How about you park your car like a normal person you [expletive] head,” the note reportedly said. “Also, left you some presents in your gay car!”

Chesterfield Police Captain Steve Lewis said Hertle inflicted an estimated $3,000 of damage on the car. He said Hertle told officers she was angry because the car was taking up two parking spaces.

“…it’s entirely possible this person wasn’t parked appropriately,” Lewis told KMOV. “However, that doesn’t mean that someone should take it upon themselves to damage their vehicle and damage their property.”

Just take a few deep breaths and leave a note next time, Ms. Hertle. Leave out the mascara. 


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