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Missouri Teacher Saves Student From Choking (Video)


A teacher was captured on video (below) saving an eighth grade student from choking.

In the video, sixth-grade teacher Betsy Berry, of Hallsville Middle School in Hallsville, Missouri, is seen rushing to the aid of student Gage Donner after a piece of candy becomes lodged in his throat. Berry performs the Heimlich maneuver on the student and manages to dislodge the hard candy in a few seconds.

The incident occurred on Oct. Sept. 30, according to the Columbia Daily Tribune.

“At first I thought somebody was sick,” Berry told the Tribune on Oct. 3 of hearing Donner choking. “Somebody either needed comfort or maintenance, or both.”

Donner reportedly sought out a friend, Robbie Haill, when he began choking by pointing to his throat and making gagging noises.

“I was so scared I was going to hurt him,” Berry, who hasn’t received any formal training in performing the Heimlich maneuver, said.

She credited her ability to an incident involving her parents when she was a child.

“My dad did it for my mom one time at the kitchen table,” she said. “I was maybe 10 or 11.”

Berry said she called her father after the incident with Donner to thank him for the lesson.

“I’m happy that she was there,” Donner said. “I could’ve died there.”

Watch the intense moment below.

Sources: Mad World News, Columbia Tribune / Photo credit:


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