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Missouri State University May Ban Toy Nerf Guns (Video)

Missouri State University (MSU) is considering banning toy Nerf guns, which are incapable of harming anyone.

Apparently, many students use toy Nerf guns in “Humans vs. Zombies,” a live-action game that is played every semester. In October, hundreds of MSU students shot each other with foam bullets (video below).

"It takes the stress out of college," MSU Freshman Chris Kite told "The gun is a huge factor in the game. There's no reason to ban these. It's a foam dart. It isn't going to hurt you."

“I get really excited for it,” added Chad Holmes, faculty advisor for Live Action Society, which organizes the game. “It’s my favorite game we play.”

The game has its own website and is played nationwide, but Don Clark, director of public safety at MSU, claims the Nerf guns are a serious problem because some students report them.

"We cannot tell people that ‘if you see someone with a gun, it might be a Nerf gun, so just disregard it,'" Clark told a local radio station, notes The Daily Caller.

However, the game's organizers advocate doing just that.

“They know if they get people running around with Nerf guns calls about that it is us,” said Holmes.

The Nerf guns are even inspected before the game, but MSU is still considering a ban.

The student government recently polled students about a Nerf gun ban, which was "overwhelmingly" rejected, according to Brittany Donnellen, vice president of the student government.

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