Missouri House Passes 'Constitutional Carry' Law


It may soon be legal for gun owners in Missouri to carry a concealed weapon anywhere open carry is allowed without obtaining a license, since the House passed new constitutional carry legislation.

House Bill 1468 “allows any person to carry a concealed firearm anywhere that isn't expressly prohibited by law,” according to the website of Republican State Rep. Eric Burlison, who sponsored the bill.

Carrying a concealed firearm would still be banned in churches and government buildings, according to KY3.

The legislation passed the House April 26 with a 112-37 vote.

Some of Missouri's state representatives have spoken out against the bill.

"We want to limit conceal and carry to people who undergo this basic training, they have to obtain a permit and prove they can handle a weapon safely; that's what the law has been in Missouri for probably 13 years now and there's no reason to change it and put the public at risk," Democratic State Rep. Charlie Norr said.

“[Law enforcement officials] want to know that someone who’s got a conceal and carry permit actually has had some type of training,” Democratic Rep. Stacey Newman said, according to Missourinet. She added that many gun owners and National Rifle Association members oppose the legislation.

Burlison thinks people have a constitutional right under the Second Amendment to carry a concealed weapon and should not be required to undergo training and pay fees for a license.

"We should not require citizens who simply wish to protect themselves to have to pay expensive fees and go through training simply to protect themselves under their constitutional rights," Burlison said, according to KY3. "If you don't want to get a permit and be put in a government database and pay expensive fees you don't have to do that to simply defend yourself."

The bill would also give people who are guests in a home the right to use deadly force to defend themselves and others, as long as the owner has given them permission to so do, as well as prohibit businesses from banning their employees from keeping a gun in their vehicle while on its property.

House bill 1468 will now go to the Senate for review.

Sources: KY3Missourinet, State Rep. Eric Burlison of Missouri / Photo credit: RONg/Flickr

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