Watch What Happened When The Police Showed Up (Video)


J. Krebs, a rookie officer with the Kansas City Police Department in Kansas City, Mo., is already building a strong relationship with the local community just a short time into his career as a police officer.

The officer was caught on tape offering a group of children some jolly ranchers if they would face him in a dance-off.

The children agreed, and hilarity ensued. 

(via The Blaze)

“When I joined the police force I told them I wanted to build rapport with the community because I feel like if we build rapport with them then they are more likely to call us when they need us,” Krebs told local news station KSHB.

It seemed to make an impact on those who were present for the incident. “He was pretty fun. I’m glad that he’s not like showing us that cops can be bad but also cops can be cool to little kids,” said Natalie Garcia, the person who recorded the encounter, said in an interview with WDAF-TV.

This is not the first incident in Kansas City that has seen local police officers interacting with the community in an unorthodox-yet-fun fashion. Last month, three officers showed up on a local basketball court and challenged some kids to a game. This incident was also caught on tape.

These positive encounters between local communities and police officers is extremely encouraging, especially considering the amount of outrage citizens have been expressing concerning police violence.

Over the weekend, riots were sparked after a police officer shot a young unarmed college student to death just moments after the teen left his home in Ferguson, Mo.

These incidents of positivity and community involvement in Kansas City are exactly what the state of Missouri needs considering the tension that can be felt throughout the state following this recent incident.


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