Missouri Mother Killed After Falling Out of Party Bus (Video)

Jamie Frecks, a 26-year-old mother from Missouri, fell out of a party bus in Kansas City on Saturday when the emergency doors flew open on the I-35 highway. Frecks, along with a group of sixteen girlfriends, was en route to a bachelorette party at the time.

“Police say Jamie Frecks fell from the bus emergency door on northbound I-35 at Southwest Boulevard before she was hit by at least three vehicles,” relays 41 Action News. She was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene.

The family is “devastated over the young mother's death and is demanding answers as to how the accident occurred,” reports NBC News.

"Why wasn't it secure?” questions Frecks’ aunt, Cynthis Matteson. “A person hires a person for safety; to get you there and back home,” she says. “Why wasn't she brought back home safe?" Neither do Matteson, nor the other people aboard the bus, nor anyone else know the true cause of the slip-up.

41 Action News says that the model of “bus in question” is a 1999 Ford Econoline E-450, which is the property of the “Midnight Express” party bus company. Upon investigation, the news channel found no outstanding safety issues with the company, yet a further search into federal databases delivered no record of the company. According to transportation attorneys, this is not necessarily something that’s a good sign.  On top of that, Midnight Express’s official address is merely a P.O. box, and, no one answered the door at either of the listed home addresses of the company’s owners.

When finally reached via telephone, Eddy Goetz, one of the owners of Midnight Express, claims the company has "no idea" how the doors could have opened. 

Goetz read the following prepared statement:

"On behalf of the owners and employees of Midnight Express party bus, we want to express our sincere sympathy for the family and friends touched by Saturday night’s tragic accident that took the life of Jamie Frecks. We are trying to find out how the tragic accident could have happened. We will cooperate fully with everyone to find out the cause of this accident." 

Sources: 41 Action News, NBC News


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